Academic Departments and Programming

The Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, the Campus Dialogue on Race, and the Library all strive to be an inclusive environment for queer students, staff, and others who comprise the campus community at Humboldt State University. These three subsets of academic life at Humboldt State University aim to facilitate change across campus through education and programming designed to provide students with the resources necessary to challenge systems of power, privilege, and oppression on a local, national, and transnational scale.

The Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies focuses on educating students through the examination of race, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, and dis/ability as categories that inform notions of identity, oppression, and resistance through an intersectional lens.

The Campus Dialogue on Race…

 The Library's main focus is to provide a safe space for students, faculty, and staff as they access information, collections, and other services that are essential to the programs and research of Humboldt State University. 



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