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Queer At HSU


This page showcases the space that the Humboldt State library has given to activism. The main focus of this page is to show, with an intersectional lens, by this I mean to show "the connecting and co-producing ways ways in which a difference-turned-inequality is enacted, either conceptually(in terms of prejudice and stereotyping) or behaviorally(in terms of discrimination)" as defined in Queer Brown Voices, the environment that the library has created for people that identify as queer and for queerness in general. With this page I hope to showcase the way the library has tried to be a safe space for student resistance. While researching I came across a student protest that was talked about in three different points of view; the students that ran it, the media reporting it, and the staff from the library where the protest occupied. This was a story that had to be told; no matter the point of view, it still focuses on students taking power into their hands against what they felt was wrong.

This page is in no way a comprehensive work on everything the library has done for queerness. It is a small piece of a larger story. I am excited to see what future students and researchers will do with this page, whether that be adding more events and information because as Barbara Smith has said, "there will always be people who decide that they must act, they must communicate, they must take a stand for justice", or using the story that I came across and was captivated by while researching. 

Curated by Jade M.