Queer Humboldt Past & Present

A queer community has always existed at Humboldt State University, before the creation of the Queer Student Union or the Women's Resource Center. This exhibit documents some of the history of what life has been like for queer-identifying people at HSU. Included are representations of the LGBTQ+ community on campus, how queer visibility has grown, and some of the official and unofficial clubs and events created by or for queer students. Unfortunately, countless queer-focused events were not advertised on campus, not officially sanctioned by the school, or not documented in the Humboldt Room archives. Thus a fully accurate, detailed history is unobtainable; ultimately this collection is the incomplete history of documented queerness. Another goal of this exhibit is to demonstrate that queerness is not a new phenomenon and it has always been integrated into the whole Humboldt community. Both of the collections in this exhibit take their subject, Queer Women’s Lives and the history of Queer Students in general, and give examples of some of the events and articles that have paved the way for the various queer organizations that we have today. 


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